10-Year-Old Battling Cancer Just Wants to Grow Up to Own a Bakery & Be a Mom

anna ortega
Steve Porter/YouTube
Like most 10-year-olds, Anna Ortega goes to school, participates in extracurriculars, and has big dreams for the future. She plays the piano, is on a soccer team, and loves to bake. But Ortega is also fighting for her life, after being diagnosed in March with an inoperable, aggressive cancerous tumor. The details of her battle are absolutely devastating. 


In a video posted to YouTube, Anna's parents Ted and Mindi explain that back in March, their daughter started having double vision during a soccer game and asked if she could be taken to the eye doctor. They brought her to Phoenix Children's Hospital, where she underwent a CT scan and MRI.

Doctors found two brain tumors, one of which was able to be surgically removed. The other, however, is inoperable and there's a zero percent chance that the typical treatment methods will be effective. In turn, the Ortegas were told that Anna -- a loving, beautiful little girl who dreams of opening a bakery with her sister Bella, teaching piano lessons, and becoming a mom one day -- had six to 12 months to live, according to Arizona's ABC15.

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What an absolutely shattering nightmare for this family.

Thankfully, at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, the family was introduced to an alternative treatment plan, which is not covered by insurance and requires that Anna take four medications. The family is living near the clinic for the next month before returning home and outsourcing the expensive medicine from various countries to get it for less money. 

According to the family's Go Fund Me page, their little girl is responding to the treatment, but the meds have a negative effect on her kidneys. Not to mention that the cost of the plan is overwhelming in and of itself. That's why they set up the Go Fund Me -- to try to rack up $200,000 for the treatment, which must be paid up front and in cash.

"We are asking for any help you feel you can give to bless this little girl's life and help Ted and Mindi Ortega as they embark on this emotional and financially stressful journey," the page reads. "We believe in miracles. They are extremely grateful for any help you could give on Anna's behalf."

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So far, $119,276 has been raised, and of course, there are tons of smaller donations that are all adding up. 

Family friend Stephanie Porter is also organizing a massive charity auction for Anna. "People have been so kind and so giving," Porter told Fox 10 Phoenix. "There's things from vacation rentals, to braces, to things for your home, all types of services that people have donated to be auctioned."

With hope, the more people who hear about Anna's story, the sooner the Ortegas will have the money that could lead to a miracle. 

Here's the Ortegas' video, which -- warning -- absolutely requires that you reach for a box of tissues before watching. 

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