Here Are the Words That Supposedly Rep Our Culture RN (Heads Up: They're Ridic)

The Oxford English Dictionary is a big, honkin' book that's been adding colloquial terms in the English language since 1884. Basically, it's a 20,000-page barometer for where we're at as a society. It sounds serious until you look at the words they've chosen to mark 2016 in time ... and then it's hilarious.


For example: Among the new words the OED has selected for the September 2016 update are crap, crapper, and cheeseball. Also, butt-f**ck, butt-f**cker, and Clifford. Clearly, we're all over the place. Some words (clickbait, slacktivism, unsub) seem right for this year. Some words (YOLO, biotchOompa Loompa) seem more ... dated. 

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The OED added more than 500 new words, but here are some of the best. We tried to shorten this list, but honestly, they're all amazing and we couldn't bring ourselves to take any out.

  • biatch, n.
  • bracketology, n.
  • butt-f**k, n., butt-f**ker, v., and butt-f**king, n.
  • card reader, n.
  • cheek kiss, n.
  • cheer squad, n.
  • cheerer-upper, n.
  • cheerlead, v.
  • cheer-up, adj.
  • cheeseball, n. and adj.
  • cheese-eating, adj.
  • chefdom, n.
  • clickbait, n.
  • clicktivism, n., and clicktivist, n. (and adj.)
  • Clifford, n.
  • CliffsNotes, n.
  • courtside, n., adj.,  and adv.
  • crap, int., and crapper, n.1
  • cussing, adj. and n.
  • Dahlesque, adj.
  • focking, adj. and adv.
  • freemium, n.
  • fuhgeddaboudit, int.
  • jack-off, n. and adj.
  • little old lady, n.
  • 'Merica, n.
  • moobs, n.
  • non-apology, n.
  • Oompa Loompa, n.
  • scrumdiddlyumptious, adj.
  • shopaholism, n.
  • shoplifting, adj.
  • shoppable, adj.
  • shoppertainment, n.
  • skronk, int. and n.
  • slacktivism, n., and slacktivist, n.
  • squee, int., n., and v.
  • swirlie, n.
  • T-bone, v.
  • uh-oh, int.
  • unsub, n.
  • upcharge, n.
  • upspeak, n.
  • uptalk, n.
  • vom, n. and v.
  • wantingly, adv.1
  • want-to, n.
  • witching hour, n.
  • Yoda-like, adj.
  • Yogalates, n.
  • YOLO, int. and adj.

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If you just googled 1,000 new words, please know you're not alone. And if you're wondering what this selection of words suggests about us as a society, you're also not alone. Not that we have any answers for you, but it's still kind of fun to guess. And vom. And squee. Because, ya know, that's what we do in 2016.


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