Remember That It's Not Huma Abedin's Fault That Anthony Weiner Is a Dirtbag

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin has been betrayed by her husband Anthony Weiner for the last time. After yet another sexting scandal, the longtime Clinton aide has decided to pull the plug on her marriage. But she doesn't need our pity. She just needs us to remember this is his failing, not hers.


Huma's going to be just fine. She just unloaded about 180 ripped pounds of headache that she didn't need. She tried to keep her marriage together. She went to counseling and stood by her husband through not just one, but two previous sexting scandals. She said she went to counseling too, that she learned to forgive

Then she hit the grueling campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, who she's worked for since she was her intern in the 1990s. Weiner, who had resigned from public office after the 2011 scandal, stayed home with their 5-year-old son, and she continued to do what she's always done -- she worked for and alongside her mentor Clinton.

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But this last sexting incident, as reported by the New York Post, was made even worse by the revelation that one of the pictures Weiner reportedly sent to a mystery woman also included what appeared to be his son sleeping next to him in the frame. (The child's face has been blurred by the media for obvious reasons.)

As a mother, I can see how this was an unforgivable incident. That it probably pushed a reportedly already estranged couple to the brink.

There's no doubt that once the headlines shift to another latest scandal, the embarrassment will fade. She'll pick herself up and raise her baby. If Clinton wins the White House, Abedin could possibly move to Washington, DC, and could be named her first chief of staff.

What would be terribly unfair -- and if the past is any guide, it's coming soon -- is the sexist backlash any woman in the public eye has to deal with in the wake of infidelity. The need for all of us, the media, the public, everyone to try to figure out what was so wrong with her that her husband had to cheat.

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If you don't believe that's what happens, just look at how Clinton was treated following revelations in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. She's still being blamed by members of the right wing for her husband's indiscretions. Trump rallies are littered with people wearing "Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica" shirts. It's not Bill they use the Lewinsky affair to humiliate. It's Hillary.

The man is just a horny dude doing what horny dudes do, but the woman is the one we feel more comfortable blaming. Can we just stop now?

And regardless of how despicable the actions of Anthony Weiner were as a father, public figure, and husband, she will be the one blamed because she didn't do ... whatever. Be more devoted, sexier, less interested in her career, less loyal to Clinton. It doesn't really matter, the attack is always the same: If you would have done a better job as wife, your husband wouldn't have been forced to cheat.


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It's twisted and wrong and obviously not true, but for some reason, it's just more comfortable for people to put the blame on women, no matter how blameless they really are.

Brad Pitt leaves Jennifer Aniston? She's a cold fish who wouldn't have enough babies. Princess Diana gets cheated on by Prince Charles? Crazy. There are countless other examples, but you get the idea.

Maybe Huma could be one of the first women in the public eye who gets cheated on who inspires our respect and sympathy rather than our criticism. Maybe, but probably not.

You don't have to be a left-leaning liberal to defend her either. Attack her for supporting Clinton's policies. Attack her for the job she's doing. Fine. But the next time you hear someone at a cocktail party making a snide comment about what Huma did or didn't do that might have caused Weiner to stray, remind them who the real injured party is in that situation.

And then do the same for other women you know.

And if you happen to be in the market for what it looks like when a woman refuses to let public infidelity define the rest of her life, then I can think of one badass lady in a pantsuit who might be able to help guide the way.

Yep, Huma's going to be just fine.

For his part, Weiner has deleted his account, and his website appears to be down. Siberia might be a good place for him to lay low for a while.


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