358 Different Frozen Foods Recalled: Everything You Need to Know

Generally, we prefer our food to be bacteria-free, and generally, it stays that way. But 358 different products from CRF Frozen Foods have been identified as potential carriers for listeria, so if you don't see us in another frozen food aisle until 2018, that's why. 


CRF Frozen Foods sells its icy wares under 42 different brand names -- Trader Joe's is the biggest name on the list, but Emerald Farms, Safeway Kitchens, and Parade are on there as well -- and all are affected by the recall. The products at risk for listeria are mostly fruits and veggies, but like, all the fruits and veggies. The FDA has the full list of the brands and products affected, and be forewarned: It's massive.

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Since September 2013, eight people have been diagnosed with the strain of listeria coming from CRF, and two of them died (though technically, listeria wasn't the official cause for either). Six were from California, and the two who died were from Washington state and Maryland.

Most of the time, listeria affects pregnant women, newborns, older adults, and anyone with a weakened immune system. Symptoms include fever, headaches, stiff neck, and other similarly vague complaints. If you think this means you (especially if you're pregnant -- it can be dangerous for your baby), see a doctor. It's diagnosable via blood test, and treatable via antibiotics.

The strain was traced back to a CRF plant in Pasco, Washington, and anything that was manufactured or processed there since 2014 is at risk. That means the recall covers products with sell-by dates ranging from April 26, 2016, to April 26, 2018, and they've likely been sold in all 50 states and some of Canada.

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Basically, this all means that you should go clean out your freezer. And your refrigerator full of those Trader Joe's pre-packaged salads. The CDC says people with recalled products should just trash them, but you can also return them to the store where they were purchased for a refund.

In addition to this whole mess, Trader Joe's also had a second, albeit smaller, recall: Its 9.3-ounce Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad with White Chicken Meat has sunflower seeds that might be making people sick, its supplier says. This means that you should go and clean out your refrigerator, too.

Either way, please, please don't eat this stuff.


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