'Neon Moon' Lingerie Swaps Sizes With Adjectives That'll Make You Feel Beautiful

No matter how angsty your ex-boyfriend is or how much crap you get from your mother-in-law, it's probably fair to say that your most complicated relationship is with your clothing size. That's just the way the world is. But feminist lingerie brand Neon Moon wants to get rid of the negative feelings surrounding clothing sizes, and its solution is to use words like "lovely" and "gorgeous" instead of "size 2" and "size 12."


Okay, but wait: Clothes are sized so we'll know what fits, right? You'd think that taking away the numbers would make shopping unnecessarily complicated and stressful, but Neon Moon founder Hayat Rachi doesn't think this is the case.

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If anything, she says, size-less shopping will lessen stress -- comparing your number and size to the people around you can be uncomfortable no matter what, but it can be also be triggering to people with eating disorders.

So instead, Neon Moon labels you as "lovely," "gorgeous," or "beautiful," and offers a size guide to confirm your adjective. Naturally, the size guide has a reminder that measuring your body is a "mindful and body positive process," plus Rachi's email address as a work-around for people who don't feel comfortable measuring themselves.

Obviously, there are some issues. Consulting a size chart still means examining your measurements, and since getting the right fit is so important when it comes to lingerie, it's essential for this system to be functional IRL. 

But at the same time, if a trigger-less shopping experience is what you need, it's fantastic that this exists.

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Neon Moon also has resoundingly awesome advertisements -- all of which feature unretouched and wholly recognizable body types, and anyone who says sh-t about them online will hear from Rachi herself.

Like, hi:

A photo posted by NEON MOON (@neonmoonco) on

A photo posted by NEON MOON (@neonmoonco) on

A photo posted by NEON MOON (@neonmoonco) on

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But despite all its body-positive talk, the company gets flack for its non-inclusive sizing -- the largest size is "beautiful," but that's only for a 40-inch bust and 33-inch waist, which would be a traditional size 16.

In response to the complaints, the company basically mumbled and grumbled and said "we're working on it." So far, its solution has been a sizing options survey for people at the bottom of the sizing guide. If you don't see your size, you can tell them what you'd need instead. Neon Moon promises to up its inventory based on the responses.

Creating a larger range of sizes is a pretty major step that the brand needs to take, but for now, any kind of diversity in the clothing industry can only be a good thing. Neon Moon might not have gotten it exactly right, but at this point, we'll take what we can get.


Image via neonmoonco/Instagram

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