French Cartoon's Message of Love, Peace & Unity Goes Viral After Brussels Attack

After heartbreaking bombings in Brussels on March 22, the world shook and cried and, like they always do, held out a hand for support. And out of that all, maybe the most moving image to go viral after the bombings was French artist Jean Plantureux's drawing of the French and Belgian flags.


In it, the French flag reaches out a hand to the childlike Belgian flag and offers love and tears and support. It shows that France has been through this before and they'll offer whatever kind of help they can.

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The translated text in the tweet reads "The attacks Tuesday, March 22 in Brussels. (The drawing of the world.)" The dates at the bottom of the drawing are the dates of each attack. But no matter the language, the message is universal -- no matter your age or your country or your politics.

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There are so many reminders here. First, that there are attacks happening all the time -- even in between when the artist published this drawing and it started going viral on the Internet, there were bomb threats in India for six different planes. So the second reminder is that even as we mourn a second (or third, or fourth) city, we can't forget to help the one before it that's still rebuilding itself.

The third reminder is that there's still joy and generosity in the world, no matter how bleak it gets. As awful and as terrible as this sort of news is, the outpouring of support is always astounding.

Here's to hoping peace will prevail.


Image via plantu/Twitter

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