'Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome' Is Real & This Woman Is Suing Over It

Who knew that getting your hair done could put your health at such serious risk? One woman is suing a beauty salon after suffering a stroke she claims was the result of getting her hair washed. It turns out that those hair-washing stations can cause blood clots and lead to strokes.


Within two weeks of getting her hair done in a San Diego salon a couple of years ago, Elizabeth Smith suffered a stroke. The 48-year-old said that she couldn't walk at all, and couldn't even move her left arm. "It was just utter disbelief. How could that happen to me?" she told CBS LA.

Her doctors had a suspicion. They believe that Smith's stroke was caused by a rare condition called beauty parlor stroke syndrome -- caused by the position of her head in a wash basin.

One neurologist, Clifford Segil of Providence St. John’s Health Center, claims that it can happen when necks are hyper-extended. He told CBS LA, "When a patient is leaning their head back, you could possibly tear or irritate these posterior circulation or have these kind of strokes."

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It's been two years since Smith suffered the stroke, but she says that she still has dizziness and vision loss. The single mom claims that it's bad enough that she took a tumble a few days ago that left her with a black eye.

Because of her continued health issues, she's suing the salon for damages and hoping to raise awareness about the condition. She wants others to be careful, especially since her doctors warn that a second stroke could lead to her death.

This is so scary! Getting your hair done is supposed to be a relaxing experience -- time to pamper yourself. Who doesn't like having their hair played with? It's terrible to think that it could result in something that may having a permanent effect on your health.

Next time you go get your hair done, be sure to follow doctors' recommendations of using towels to prop your head up so it's tilted no more than 20 degrees back, or even flipping your hair over while facing down.

It could be your life on the line.


Image via © Leigh Righton/Corbis

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