Chocolate, Sex, or Booze: Guess What Everyone in Your State Gave Up for Lent (PHOTOS)

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Chocolate, Sex, or Booze: Guess What Everyone in Your State Gave Up for Lent (PHOTOS)

Ah, it's that time of year ... that magical time between Mardi Gras and Easter when your Catholic friends all seem to be a little bit grumpy due to Lent. Some of your Christian friends too, depending on their denomination or personal convictions. Anyway, it's Lent season, and that means that you probably know someone who has decided to abstain from a particular vice or two for 40 days.

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Time magazine aggregated Google searches to figure out what states decided to give up what for their 40 days of prayer and reflection in 2016. Most are pretty standard -- alcohol, sweets, and other food-related items -- but one or two may surprise you.

Click through to find out what your state gave up for Lent.


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  • Booze


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    I gave up booze for Lent a few years ago ... kudos to anyone who can keep this one up. On the plus side, I lost 15 pounds in 40 days, so at least there's that. States that gave up alcohol include Arkansas, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Texas. Illinois gave up just wine, which means vodka is probably fine. Good thinking, Illinois!

  • Coffee


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    Only two states gave up coffee, also known as the Nectar of the Gods to many people. Don't poke people in Maryland or South Dakota in the morning ... they may be having some trouble waking up.

  • Sex & Dating


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    Is it still considered abstaining if you just can't get any? Something to ponder. Anyway, Washington gave up dating in general, but Alabama, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Hampshire decided to jump on the no-nookie bandwagon.

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  • Meat


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    Carnivores no more. Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are just saying no to meat until Easter.

  • Other Delicious Foods


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    There are lots of yummy indulgences to choose from when it comes to sacrificing for Lent. Kentucky gave up fried food, while Nebraska gave up carbs. Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia all said good-bye to diary. Utah might be the most restrictive though -- they gave up all junk food in general.

  • Screen Time


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    I have no idea how some of these people are even going to go to work, since I thought the developed world lived on the Internet now, but I'm sure they're making it work. Somehow. Delaware is the most serious about limiting screen time, giving up the Internet in general. Idaho gave up Netflix, and Tennessee and Georgia gave up social media. Less restrictive are Massachusetts and Oregon, who gave up Instagram and Facebook, respectively.

  • Chocolate


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    You better believe residents in these states have been dreaming of chocolate Easter bunnies in their heads. Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, and Rhode Island all gave up chocolate.

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  • Sweet Treats


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    We thought chocolate deserved its own category, but it's probably included in these states as well. Alaska, Connecticut, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania all gave up sweets, while Iowa, Nevada, and Washington, DC, gave up sugar in general.

  • Other


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    These three states seem to be working on self-improvement. Kansas gave up makeup, Oklahoma gave up fear, and Virginians have given up being self-critical. Let's hope that spiders have vacated Oklahoma, otherwise a lot of people are going to be breaking Lent.

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