Woman's Life-Threatening Pedicure Reminds Us It's OK to Be Picky Customers

Spa treatments are supposed to be relaxing, not terrifying. Yet one Arkansas woman ended up in the hospital last week with an infected foot and leg, and she believes that the infection came from the pedicure she got the weekend before at a Benton nail salon.


Stacey Wilson was watching a news report from her hospital room when she saw a local investigation about unclean nail salons, and realized that she may have been a victim of one. Within days of receiving what she described as a "rough" pedicure, Wilson had checked into the hospital with a burning rash and a fever of 102. 

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"It feels like you're sitting too close to a fire and you just cannot get away from it, that's the way it feels," she described the infection to KATV ABC 7. It's a good thing that she sought medical attention, because doctors diagnosed Stacey -- who is a nurse by trade -- with cellulitis, a potentially fatal infection if left untreated.

Stacey said that she received a pedicure a week ago Saturday, and that the worker was too rough on her feet while using a pumice stone. She said that the side of her foot and her pinky toe were both nicked, and that the woman "knew she had hurt me a little bit."

The next day, her ankle was swollen and red, and by Tuesday, she said, "It's time to go to the ER." Doctors were unable to confirm that the infection was spread via her pedicure, but did admit that "we definitely do see it associated with that."

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Dr. Michael Pafford, who has been treating Wilson in her recovery, warned that people who believe they've been infected should come in as soon as possible. And if you are going to hit the nail salon, he had some solid advice. He said that "recognizing you have the right to refuse them from continuing if you think they're not using sterile equipment" is the best thing you can do.

Did you hear that, ladies? It's okay to be a picky customer when it comes to your health. Don't mess around with it because you're worried about hurting your technician's feelings. You could be saving yourself a hospital trip -- or even your life.


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