MAC Flooded With Racist Comments After Posting Gorgeous Picture of Black Model

You have got to be freaking kidding me. MAC cosmetics was bombarded by cruel, racist comments after posting a picture of a black model with lips to die for. The photo was snapped backstage at New York Fashion Week and featured a model showing off a deep, dark lip color.


It's an edgy color and the shot is gorgeous, so what happened next took a lot of people by complete surprise.

Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW

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After just one day, the post had received over 26,000 comments, and too many of them served to remind us that racism still exists.

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"Them fish lips tho," wrote one commenter. Another wrote, "Holy sh-t I thought this was Jay Z." One person even added, "Wtf r these lips," which is obviously the height of eloquence. Not.

I think my favorite comeback to these uncalled-for and degrading insults was this one: "All of you whites hush. This is what your precious queen Kylie Jenner ... wished for. #blackisbeautiful" Others chimed in as well, with comments like, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... I'm thankful that there isn't one standard of beauty."

Word. This woman has gorgeous lips! I cannot believe that anyone would have something so rude to say about her. Thankfully the model, 19-year-old Maryse Kye, was able to see past the cruel comments to the encouragement and support she got from the majority of the responses.

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In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, she wrote, "As I read the comments below this picture Felt so insecure and a bit embarrassed as I just wrapped up fashion week a time period that is tough on models especially black models as we encounter the harsh reality of the fashion world ... But I kept reading (not sure why tbh) and saw so much love and support from strangers that made me smile :)."

"If I survived middle school in America, I can get over this," she added.

People are freaking out of their minds sometimes, and it especially seems to happen on the Internet. Everyone should remember that there are real people, with real feelings, on the other end of the web. But then again, if there are people willing to criticize a model for having enviously full and beautiful lips, we're sort of questioning their grasp on reality anyway.


Image via maccosmetics/Instagram

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