Dad Snapchats Naked Pic to His Daughter & He's All Sorry Not Sorry (PHOTO)

Talk about your chill parents! One teen was recently mortified when her dad Snapchatted a dick pic ... and sent it to all of his followers instead of in a private message. But the best part? He totally took it in stride like it was NBD.


Over Valentine's Day, one girl was horrified when she saw her dad's steamy photo posted to his Snapchat account. She texted him to inform him that he totally did it wrong, and it was not the private photo he intended for her mom.

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She took to Twitter to share the screenshots of the exchange, and it quickly went viral, because let's face it -- this is embarrassingly, awkwardly hilarious.

She responded with another screenshot of the group text between her and her parents, and they are both basically like, "Whatever."

Hey, at least the photo was intended for his wife, and not a girlfriend or something. Now that would have been a real disaster!


Image via © Frank May/dpa/Corbis

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