Finally! 'Sports Illustrated' Has an Honest-to-God Plus-Size Bikini Model (PHOTO)

It's about dang time! The infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 2016 includes a plus-size bikini model. Not just a little-less-of-a-waif model, either, but a real, beautiful, curvy, gorgeous, voluptuous woman.


Ashley Graham made headlines in 2015 for appearing in the issue, but it was in the form of an advertisement. This year, she's an official SI swimsuit model. She took to Instagram to share the fabulous news, and I couldn't be happier for her, and for all of us ladies who don't look anything like Kate Upton in a bathing suit (or, um, any other time).

Look at her break the skinny-beautiful stereotypical mold! She is drop-dead gorgeous in her own right, and is an inspiration for all women to be confident and proud of their bodies.

Even liberating is how much Ashley overcame in order to feel beautiful. She recently admitted that she didn't always like the reflection staring back at her in the mirror, and she had to make a conscious decision to start loving her body.

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She shared that she made herself repeat the mantra, "No man, no job, no friend is going to tell me who I am -- I am going to tell me who I am." Now that's the way to really rock the world, not to mention feel sexy in your own skin.


Image via Roger Wong/ News

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