Gorgeous Mom & Twin Daughters Stump the Internet When No One Can Tell Who's Who (PHOTO)

Kaylan Mahomes, her twin sister Kyla, and their mom have everyone on the Internet freaking out because no one can tell who is who in the photo Kaylan posted to her Twitter feed with the caption, "Mom, twin & me." You guys, this is the human version of the dress. (But, yes, we have the answer below.)


It's pretty unfair that every person in this family is this stone-cold gorgeous. I mean, you can obviously tell some pretty spectacular genes are at play. 


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They are just so pretty, I cannot even stand it! (We are all demanding to know what their beauty secrets are, especially Mom's.) But the best part is that they clearly didn't post this snap for attention.

"When we go to the store, people always ask if this [our mom] is our big sister. We got that sometimes out in public but I didn't really know it was that deep," Kaylan told ABC News, where it was also revealed that the mom is -- wait for it -- the beauty wearing black on the left. 

Here is another post of these beautiful women, who prove to be just as playful as they are stunning.

Tricking Mom into thinking she's taking a photo instead of a video. Classic.


Image via kaylan_17/Twitter

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