New 'Ohlala' App for 'Paid Dating' Is Really Just an Escort Service -- Amirite?!

In the ambiguous world of online dating, one app seems to be cutting the crap and getting right down to business. No, not the love, relationship, and eventual matrimony business -- the other kind, A.K.A, the oldest profession in the world. Dating App Ohlala has hit the scene, and it seems to be nothing more than Uber for sex.


Ohlala is available to clients in New York City, and is looking to serve the "paid dating" scene. Call me old fashioned, but isn't that what we call prostitution? Call it paid dating, call it an escort service, call it money in exchange for sex -- it doesn't change what it is.

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On the app, male users get verified (credit card information as well as their IP address are required, but no blood test, so be careful), and then they can put out a request, specifying time and what they're willing to pay. Female users in the area are then alerted to the request, and given a scant 21 minutes to respond. Because the men must not wait for their hooker escort date!

Once the lady responds, her profile picture is sent to the guy, and they are able to text through the app, to set parameters and negotiate the final price. That price is then logged with Ohlala before they hook up.

Ohlala CEO and co-founder Pia Poppenrieter said that this isn't the app to use if you're looking for love. That's sort of a no-brainer, isn't it? He added, "But if you're looking for fun for a specific period of time, where the details are agreed upon, and one [person] wants to be paid while the other wants to pay, then Ohlala is the right pick."

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In other words, if you're looking to get paid to have sex, or pay to have sex, this is the app for you!

While this app is being touted as a "safe" way to meet people interested in the same experience you might be into as well, I can't help but SHM at the whole thing. I'm an online dating vet (don't judge me), and it's tough out there. The last place I want to live is in a cultural where prostitution is considered normal and totally acceptable.


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