Don't 'Be Like Bill' -- Viral Meme Might Be Seriously Screwing With Your Facebook Account

Be Like Bill memeYou know that "Be Like Bill" meme that's been showing up relentlessly in your Facebook feed? That really annoying stick figure that points to a larger conversation of how people are desperate to keep up with everyone else on social media, while trying to be oh-so-witty and unique? Well, that aside, if you thought it was funny enough to use the generator to make your own meme, then the joke might be on you.


The Better Business Bureau actually warns that you should be careful using apps, like this infamous Be Like Bill meme generator, on Facebook. It should seem pretty obvious, but these can mine your data and/or contain viruses that could damage your computer.

So with so many clickbait-y apps out there to, well, impulse click, why is this one getting so much attention? Maybe because Bloba, the site where the generator comes from, actually changed its original terms of privacy. The company now says that it doesn't use the data from your Facebook account when you share your own Be Like Bill meme (of course, with your own name inserted in the illustration). But the original terms stated, "You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover."

Well, that certainly does not seem kosher. We (and the Better Business Bureau) suggest that you change your password if you're suspicious -- and perhaps you should be a tad more careful before trusting your "friends" who invite you to use apps and play games (people who send Candy Crush invites are never your friends) and jumping on each and every viral trend (okay, maybe that's our warning).

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And may we also suggest that you be more like The Stir and create your own meme first -- without relying on a shady generator that may want to steal all your information -- and be like YOU? Be more like The Stir.
Image via Anne Meadows
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