4-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life by Answering FaceTime Phone Call

What a little hero! Four-year-old Chadwick DePew recently helped save his mom's life, and it's all thanks to his iPad. He was at home in Norwich, New York, with his mom, Alice DePew, who is diabetic.


According to Alice, Chadwick was happily playing on the tablet while she was on the phone with her mother. That's when she felt her blood sugar crashing, and she eventually passed out. She told the local news, "I was talking to my mom on the cell phone and she heard me starting to slur my speech and I started feeling a little sleepy."

Thankfully her mom knew something was wrong, so she immediately called Alice's husband Stanley. When he couldn't get through to the house or his wife, he decided to try FaceTiming his son's iPad. Being a technically astute, clever little boy, he picked up.

"When I saw that green button I pushed it," the little guy recalled. 

Because Chadwick picked up, Stanley was able to ascertain that his wife needed medical treatment, and he instructed Chadwick to unlock the door when the paramedics got there. He later said of his son, "This is a scary situation in general and it just puts me a little bit more at ease, to know that if something were to happen, at least I can rely on my son."

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And who said giving little kids screen time is never a good idea? If Chadwick hadn't been familiar with the tablet, he might not have known what to do when his dad called. Alice obviously needed immediate medical treatment for her diabetes -- she could have gone into insulin shock, which can lead to seizures and brain damage.

Stanley said that he's always been worried about Alice alone at home, and he's very relieved to have Chadwick there with her now. I'd be willing to bet they've already even taught him how to call his dad on his iPad if this ever happens again.


Image via © Stephen Lux/Corbis

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