#WomenNotObjects Campaign Points Out Absurdity of Using Cleavage to Sell Sandwiches (VIDEO)

There is a difference between being pretty and being provocative, and between being sexy versus being sexualized. There is nothing wrong, in my humble opinion, with showing a little bit of the female form. But when that turns into objectification in order to sell things like sandwiches and trucks ... that's when we need reminding that women are people, not objects.


Ad executive Madonna Badger recently decided to Google the phrase "objectification of women," and she wasn't surprised by what she saw. But rather than just throw her hands in the air, she decided to start a campaign, #WomenNotObjects.

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She and her business partner Jim Winters created a fabulous video mocking exactly what's wrong with using sex -- specifically the female sex -- to sell. With a few well-worded sarcastic comments said by real women, alongside ridiculous advertisements, they perfectly mock their own industry.

My favorite comment has to be, "The secret to my heart? A man that smells like a vagina."

For reals, I love this video, and I hope that by putting this important topic in a humorous (rather than righteous) light, it will change some people's minds about what they'd like to see more of in advertising. Just remember, if it didn't sell, they wouldn't use it.


Image via WomenNotObjects/YouTube

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