Footage of a Cop Rescuing a Toddler From the Middle of a Highway Is Chilling (VIDEO)

It can happen to anyone. Before you judge anyone for being a bad parent, you need to watch this video of a cop rescuing a toddler from a busy highway. The parents turned their back for one brief moment, and because of that, they almost lost their precious child.


The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Oregon put out a PSA after a 2-year-old child was rescued from a dark and busy highway. Spokesman Lt. Curtis Landers made it clear that the video is for "educational purposes only," and after watching it, I know I'm going to be keeping an extra keen eye on the road from now on.

The following video is for educational purposes and not intended to ridicule or question those involved. The incident...

Posted by Lincoln County Sheriff's Office - Oregon on Thursday, 21 January 2016

In the video footage from the police dash cam, the 2-year-old can be seen toddling down the road as cars zoom past. It only would've taken a moment of distraction for a driver to not see the tot, and this story may have ended much differently.

According to the police department, no criminal charges will be brought, and the incident was entirely accidental. They were able to track down the parents, who were frantically searching for their child. The parents had been cleaning up at a nearby gathering when the kiddo slipped away unnoticed.

This is such a scary reminder not only to keep an eye on the road, but also to always be mindful of your small children. It could happen to anyone. One of my best friends is an awesome mom, and she was shocked one day when the police knocked on her door to return her 3-year-old to her. He had sneaked out during nap time, and she hadn't had a clue.

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It happens fast, and little kids don't completely understand the consequences of their actions yet. They don't understand that rules keep them safe. They naturally want to explore and discover, and can jet off before you've even blinked your eyes.

I'm so glad that this kiddo is completely unharmed, and I'm glad that the police put out such a powerful reminder to always be mindful of your surroundings -- whether you're a parent or a driver.


Image via Lincoln County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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