EMT Responds to Car Crash Involving Daughter & Dies Hours Later

Break our hearts already. A dad died of a heart attack over the weekend, after responding to his own daughter's car crash as an EMT. Captain Eskil "Scott" Danielson, 49, was on duty at the Lakeland Rescue Squad in New Jersey when he learned that his 19-year-old daughter had been involved in a mid-afternoon accident on Route 206.


Danielson served as a civil servant for more than 30 years, starting when he was just 14 as a "cadet" for the Lakeland Rescue Squad, where he would eventually become squad chief.

He was working as a volunteer on the day he went to take care of his daughter at the scene of the crash. He got the emergency call moments before his daughter Alycia called him to tell him that she'd been in the accident. She was taken to a medical center, and he followed to make sure she was okay.

His brother, Eric Danielson, said that he suffered a massive heart attack in the waiting room and was airlifted to a different facility. Danielson said, "They were hoping to do a medical procedure, but ultimately his heart wasn't strong enough anymore."

Alycia was treated and released the same day. She took to Facebook to remember her father. "I love you so much, daddy. I'll take good care of mom, I promise. Please watch over us," she wrote.

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Scott worked in many areas of public service, including emergency dispatching, serving as deputy fire warden, and receiving specialized training as a tactical dispatcher for field communications and SWAT team response. He used his grant-writing skills to obtain more than $100,000 for new fire equipment and funds for two new ambulances for the Lakeland Rescue Squad.

It's absolutely tragic that this bighearted man lost his life so young. He also left behind his wife Tammy and two other children, Aaron, 28, and Amanda, 21. Thank goodness Alycia is okay -- it's unbearable think about how much worse it could have been for this family. It's hard enough just losing their beloved dad.


Image via © Chris Crisman/Corbis

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