Nurse Tricked into Thinking She Won the Powerball Jackpot -- by Her Own Son

A good prank can be hilarious, but some are just downright cruel. Like when this nurse was tricked into thinking she'd won the Powerball lottery ... by her own son. What kind of jerk does that to his mother? Not. Funny.


The employee at the Park Avenue Health & Wellness Center in Pomona, California, received a phone call from her son on Wednesday night, with news that her ticket had won the record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot. The mom of seven was obviously overcome by the news, yet she stayed to finish her shift.

As news spread that she was a lucky winner, her coworkers celebrated with her.

It was several hours before she found out that the whole thing was a cruel joke played on her by her son. He even went so far as to send her a photo of the "winning" lottery ticket.

The 56-year-old has seven children, and her son's siblings were not amused by the prank. Her daughter Jennifer told the New York Daily News, "It's a joke. It's a prank ... It's embarrassing. This is too much for us."

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I don't even want to know what led this guy to do something so awful to his mom. Did he really think it was funny? Or is he just a mean person in general? This woman obviously deserves better than that -- not a lot of people would have stayed to finish their workdays if they were led to believe that they had just hit a historic jackpot.

Hopefully this lady isn't too shaken up by the roller coaster of emotions she must have felt this week, and is eventually able to forgive her son. If she does though, I doubt she'll ever believe another word that comes out of his mouth.


Image via © Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis

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