Substitute Teacher Threatens to Have Unruly Third Graders Shot

And today's Terrible Person Award goes to ... this substitute teacher who threatened a class of third graders with a gunman if they didn't settle down. Every single student in the class claimed that the teacher said she would let a shooter into the classroom if they didn't behave.


The alleged incident happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, at Turie T. Small Elementary School. A 61-year-old substitute was filling in as a teacher for the first time, after having previously worked in after-school care without any issues.

According to reports, last Thursday, she told the kids just a few hours into the school day that if they didn't behave, she'd let a gunman into the classroom to shoot them. One parent told WESH Orlando, "She would have the keys to the classroom to let someone in if they wouldn't calm down, to come in and shoot them in between the eyes."

The classrooms have doors that open to the outside, and according to the students, she dangled the keys in front of them as she made the threat. All of the students relayed the same story, and an assistant principal sent home a recorded message to the parents, letting them know how seriously they are taking this matter.

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I get being frustrated with kids, but what the hell was this woman thinking? That is the kind of thing that scars a child. Especially in today's environment, when we are all too aware of massacres like Sandy Hook, and many schools now have drills for what to do if a gunman comes on campus. Those poor children were probably terrified!

There was no indication that the sub would pull a stunt like this. She had worked with kids before. She passed the background check. School district spokeswoman Nancy Wait confirmed that this person will no longer "be eligible for any job in Volusia County schools."

Thank God. Threatening to have kids killed is so beyond the pale I can't even wrap my mind around it. She's obviously not suited to be around elementary-aged kids.


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