19-Year-Old Girl Lifts Truck to Save Her Dad's Life

What do you think you'd be capable of in order to save your family? One Virginia teen girl had that question answered when she lifted a burning truck off of her dad and then saved the rest of her family by driving the flaming vehicle out of the garage.


Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire was home from school over Thanksgiving break when her dad, Eric Heffelmire, was working on his truck in the garage. The GMC fell, gas spilled, and a fire ignited. He told WUSA 9, "I was on my back, face up, and I was trying to get some corroded brakes lines when apparently the jack slipped and fell down on me."

After an explosion, Eric recalled, "I thought they'd be pulling out a dead body later in the evening."

But thanks to the super-human strength of his daughter, his life was spared. Charlotte said, "I lifted it [the truck] the first time, he said 'Okay, you almost got it...' Finally managed to get it out, it was some crazy strength, pulled him out."

This amazing teen wasn't done yet, though. After she freed her dad, she hopped into the truck -- still on fire -- and drove it out of the garage on three wheels. She said that she wanted to make sure the entire house wasn't going to explode. "I started the truck, put it four wheel drive and just mashed on it with three wheels and just drove out. It left a nice groove on the asphalt," she remembered.

Once the truck was out of the garage, she raced back into the house to get the rest of her family out, including her baby sister, whom she rescued first. Even so, she still doesn't think she's a hero. "I just did what I had to do," she confessed. 

It's no surprise to hear that this young woman is attending the Air Force Academy. She's taking a break at the moment, but is determined to go into some sort of public service.

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This is such an incredible story -- how could a teen girl lift an entire truck on her own? I know adrenaline exists, but dang ... this is nothing short of a miracle. Even just the fact that she was able to keep a cool head when things were bursting into flames is amazing, and then exhibiting super-human strength to save her dad? It's totally incredible.

Whatever Charlotte decides to do with her life, I'm sure she'll do well. She seems to have the kind of integrity, strength of spirit, and love of family that will serve her well, wherever she goes.


Image via © zerocreatives/Westend61/Corbis

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