5-Year-Old Hero Bikes 2 Miles in the Rain to Get Help for Dad He Thought Was Dying

A sweet little boy recently set off on his bicycle to find help for his father, who had collapsed from a heart attack. The 5-year-old thought his dad was dying, so he set off on his bike to try to find his mom while she was at work.


Oh, and it was raining. And night. And he was in his jammies. He is clearly one adorable little hero!

The little French boy -- Kevin Djene -- was spotted by a neighbor, Jean Francois Pinot, who told the BBC that he discovered him late at night on a rural road. Kevin told the neighbor that he had biked three kilometers (1.8 miles) to his mom's place of work. His dad had collapsed of a heart attack, and the poor kid didn't know what else to do.

Pinot said, "It was raining and windy, very bad weather ... I wondered what a little boy was doing outside on a bike at that time, that's why I stopped to ask him and to help him."

The poor little guy also told him that his father was dead, because he didn't know that he had just fallen unconscious from a heart attack. It must have been terrifying for him!

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Thankfully they were able to get to the boy's home once emergency responders arrived, and they saved the man's life. Mr. Pinot said Kevin "did not have the reflex to use the phone or do anything else." He explained that his mom worked nights, and he did what he had to do to get help. He also added, "He is a very brave and clear-thinking child."

Thank goodness this little boy was found by a kind stranger, and wasn't hurt on his journey. It could have been so easy for a car to come out of nowhere and hit him! And thanks to his going for help, he just might have saved his dad's life. 

What a brave little guy! I hope he got lots of hugs from everyone, and maybe even some ice cream. He deserves it.


Image via © Frank Röder/Westend61/Corbis

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