San Bernardino Shooting Suspects' Family Wants to Adopt Baby Girl They Left Behind

One of the most tragic things about the San Bernardino shooting last Wednesday is that the killers left behind a 6-month-old baby girl. It's unfathomable that parents could commit such unspeakable violence and orphan their own daughter. Members of the family have decided to take her in, and will likely adopt her.


Thankfully, she won't remember her psycho parents Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who were ultimately gunned down by police after shooting and killing 14 people at an office party. Farhan Khan, who is married to Farook's sister, plans to adopt the little girl, and you can be sure she's not going to be raised an extremist ideology.

Khan said he is "very upset and angry" with his relatives. He also told NBC, "You left your 6-month-old daughter in this life ... Some people cannot have kids. God gave you a gift of a daughter. And you left that kid behind. What -- what did you achieve?"

The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center, where Farook had worked for five years. His co-workers even recently threw a baby shower for him and his wife!

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There's no real known motive, other than that these people were terrible, awful, rotten slime-balls. Some people are calling it a "work-related dispute," by that seems somewhat undermining for a tragedy of this level. Can we please just call it terrorism?

Farook's father called his son a religious Muslim, but Khan doesn't believe the attack had anything to do with religion.

"It's his stupid action, nothing to do with religion at all," he said. "I am Muslim. I'm a good person. And there's a lot of good Muslims there. He was a bad person, that was his personal act."

It's horrific that this little girl is orphaned, and will grow up knowing what her parents did to orphan her. At least she has family to care for her.


Image via © Steve Prezant/Corbis

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