'Mouse Mingle' Dating Site Helps People Who Love Disney Find Their Happily Ever After

There is someone for everyone, Magic Kingdom fans including. Now there's a place to go online to find fellow Mouseketeers looking for their very own Princess or Prince Charming. Mouse Mingle is a dating app for Disney-lovers, and hopefully it will help you connect with your one true love.


This way, you won't have to randomly interject quotes from your favorite Disney movies to see how your dates responds. You can be assured from the get-go that your potential love interest already shares an important part of your life with you -- a love for all things Disney.

Just make sure his avatar isn't Peter Pan. That's all I'm saying.

Anyway, the site was started by Disney fan Dave Tavres, and describes itself as "the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship." And here all I thought you needed for magic was a regular date night and someone who knows how to do their own laundry!

Tavres said he was inspired to create the site after his friends teased him for not having a girlfriend. He explained that it was too hard to find others as fanatic about all things Disney as himself, so he created his own solution. Members can join to meet other Disney fans for just $12.55 a month.

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He said that his hope is to connect the "countless single Disney fans that live in the spaces between Disney parks" in California, Florida, and even Tokyo. He said, "Those people often have a greater passion for Disney, as they don't get to visit as often."

Here's to every Mickey finding his Minnie, every Donald finding his Daisy, every ... well, you get the picture.



Image via © Fred Prouser/Reuters/Corbis

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