Clothing Store Says Black Friday 'Rape' Ad Was Just an 'Honest Mistake'

You have to be kidding me. A retailer is trying to backtrack after its Black Friday ad asked customers to "rape us now." Apparently, it was an honest mistake. A rape joke was an honest mistake. Dude.


The Singapore-based company SuperGurl sent an advertisement out announcing its Black Friday sale, and in order to click through to the site, users were required to click a button that read, "RAPE US NOW." The ad also predominantly featured a female in a very suggestive pose.


Users posted to the company's Facebook page, saying things like, "Rape isn't an advertising angle that one can exploit when thousands of victims suffer the irreparable damage rape has caused to them every day." Others called it vile, inappropriate, or disgusting -- and for good reason.

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Sure, Black Friday shopping can be atrocious, and we often hear horror stories about people hurt -- but it cannot be compared to sexual assault and the trauma experienced by those who have experienced it. Not cool.

The company's apology didn't quit cut it with me either. They called it an "honest mistake."

I am writing this to express our sincerest apologies pertaining to our insensitive action and the choice of word – rape...

Posted by SuperGurl on Monday, 30 November 2015

The creative director, Jordus Lim, did acknowledge that he failed to adequately review the work before approving it, but with something this jarring, how did it not catch his eye? And why would he minimize it by calling it an honest mistake? 

Not so much, SuperGurl.


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