8-Year-Old Girl Dies In Car Crash -- Why Was She Even Driving?

A heartbreaking story out of Kansas, as an 8-year-old has lost her life after being allowed to take the wheel of a car that her grandfather was driving. Cadence Orcutt died on Sunday, after the car crashed down an embankment and overturned. She wasn't wearing her seat belt.


Authorities believe that the elementary-aged kiddo was given permission to steer the Chevy Cobalt by her grandfather, Dennis Meers. We don't know why he allowed the child to drive, but he apparently has a record of DUIs and other related driving charges that he's done time in prison for.

It will likely take weeks for him to have his tox-screen run, but seriously, why was this girl in his car, let alone driving? She had no business being being the wheel, obviously -- She was 8!

Her mom had a message for anyone that would judge her for being a bad mom. On Facebook, she shared that she is normally over-protective of her kids, and she's blaming herself for this tragedy. "My heart is dying," she wrote.

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I feel awful for this family, and she's right. We don't know what circumstances exactly led to this little girl's death, and blaming and finger-pointing isn't going to bring her back. I think we should all take her mom's advice ... she said, "I just hope that every parent holds their babies extra tight and realize how lucky you are that they are in your arms."


Image via © Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

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