These Major Chain Stores Will Be Closed This Thanksgiving Day

we're closedJust because many stores are opening their doors to Black Friday shoppers hours before they've had a chance to digest their holiday meal doesn't mean all retailers are hopping on the "open on Thanksgiving Day" bandwagon; in fact, plenty of major chains are defiantly staying closed on Thursday!


The most notable of these, perhaps, is the outdoor and fitness gear chain REI, which isn't just keeping shuttered on Thanksgiving -- they're closed on Black Friday, too! CEO Jerry Stritzke says that "Black Friday has gotten out of hand," and they're giving all of their full and part-time employees Black Friday off with pay. Not only that, they're even going to attempt to divert online shoppers with a message encouraging them to go outside instead of surfing the web, even though Black Friday has been one of the company's top 10 most profitable sales days in recent years.

It's a bold move, to be sure, and one we don't expect many other retailers to follow -- but at least the following stores are giving their employees a break on Thanksgiving Day!

1. Costco 

Save big -- by which we mean in bulk -- when doors open at 9 a.m. on Friday, November 27, with sales extending through the 29th (online deals have been going on since the 20th!).

2. Barnes and Noble 

Online sales start Thanksgiving Day, but you'll have to wait until Friday to browse best-sellers in the store.

3. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Don't go looking for great prices on coffee makers in person until Friday at regular store hours (but feel free to shop online until then!).

4. Crate & Barrel

Sadly, browsing for discounted Christmas ornaments and napkin rings (unless you're going the virtual route) will have to wait until Black Friday.

5. GameStop

Don't bother stopping into GameStop until Thanksgiving is over, because they'll be closed! (Check online for deals, though.)

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6. Petco

Stock up on dog food and kitty litter before the holiday -- this pet superstore is closed on Thanksgiving!

7. REI

As previously mentioned, not only is REI staying closed on Thanksgiving, they're keeping their doors shut on Black Friday, too!

8. Nordstrom

There'll be no scouring the racks for high fashion markdowns this Thanksgiving Day (at least not at Nordstrom!). 

9. Pier 1 Imports

It's a great place to shop for holiday decor and stocking stuffers ... but not this Thanksgiving Day!

10. Staples

Stocking up on printer paper and pens will have to wait until Black Friday (unless you want to get started online now, where sales are already going on!).


Image via Marco Derksen/Flickr

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