Facebook’s Newest Break-Up Tool Helps You Disappear from Your Ex’s Life

This is basically the digital equivalent of ripping up and/or burning your old photos of your ex, before he revealed himself to be the jerkface heart-breaker that he is. Facebook announced this week that they've developed a new app that will allow you to virtually erase your ex as soon as you change your social media relationship status.


Not only will you be able to use the app to block yourself from seeing their random updates, you'll be able to limit how much of your posts they'll be able to see. Genius!

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Facebook shared some screenshots of how the app will look. According to the social media giant, you'll be prompted to limit contact with your ex when you end your relationship on Facebook. A blog post on the new tools said, "This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives. We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control."

Because you know you don't want to give them the satisfaction of unfriending them. Who wants to be the person that blocks or unfriends their ex? This allows you to keep your privacy, dignity, and your wall from being flooded with their updates.

It's still being tested in the U.S. on mobile, but it looks like they're getting some positive reviews, and it should be available to everyone soon.

Let the un-tagging begin!


Images via © David Shopper/Corbis & Facebook

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