See Geraldo Rivera's Tearful Reunion With Daughter After the Paris Attacks (VIDEO)

After the terror attacks in Paris last week, we can only imagine the grief felt by those who lost loved ones. Geraldo Rivera wasn't sure if he'd lost his daughter in the mayhem, and when they were finally reunited, the moment was caught on video, and I think all parents got teary-eyed watching it.


The Fox News contributer's 21-year-old daughter Simone was at a soccer game in Paris when bombs started going off outside the stadium. The pair eventually connected through texts, and Geraldo hopped on a plane for France as soon as he could.

Fox & Friends caught their emotional reunion, and you can tell that he never wants to let go of his daughter again.

Host Steve Doocy asked him what he was feeling, finally being able to hug his girl after not knowing if she was dead or alive, and he responded, "It was an amazing relief just to squeeze her and to know that she was safe."

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He also said that while their family was "tremendously relieved," they also mourn for the families who lost so much. "This was a really severe, horrible blow to the soul of the French people," he added.

I can't even imagine how horrifying it must be to get news like this about a city where my child is. Even though Geraldo and Simone were able to communicate by phone within hours, those must have been the longest hours of his life -- waiting to see if he'd hear from her.

His relief at being able to hug his daughter again is exactly what I imagine any parent would feel at that same moment.


Image via Us Magazine

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