Kindest & Meanest Cities in America Revealed -- Is Yours One of Them? (PHOTOS)

Jenny Erikson | Nov 16, 2015 Breaking
Kindest & Meanest Cities in America Revealed -- Is Yours One of Them? (PHOTOS)

How kind is your city? In the NBC News State of Kindness poll, participants from around the country answered what they thought the kindest and least kind cities in America are, and there were some surprising results.

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Of course, there are lots of great places to live in America, and if your city might be called unkind, that's just a good reason to lend a smile or hold open a door for a stranger!


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  • New York


    Image via © Cameron Davidson/Corbis

    An entire 36 percent of survey participants identified New York City as the least kind city in the states.

  • Detroit


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    The Motor City was called the least kind by 15 percent of survey participants. Maybe the economic downturn has something to do with the overall mood?

  • Washington, D.C.


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    Man, we knew people didn't like politicians, but 11 percent of people surveyed thought our nation's capital was the least kind city.

  • Atlanta


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    Apparently the South is where it's at when it comes to kindness. Atlanta was named the third-nicest city, with 15 percent naming it as number one.

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  • Dallas


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    We weren't surprised at all to see another Southern city, this time Dallas, Texas, in the top of the kindest cities -- 18 percent thought Dallas was the place to be.

  • San Francisco


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    The city by the bay was called the kindest city in America by a whopping 20 percent of survey participants. I think it has to do with the sourdough. People are just happier with carbs.

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