Women Get Pregnant While on Birth Control & Want Company to Pay Up

Most people know that the only 100 percent effective form of birth control is abstinence, but still, you expect some protection when you're on the pill. When used accurately, it's just about as close to 100 as you can get when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. Which is why over 100 women are now suing a birth control company for mispackaging that they say resulted in unplanned pregnancies.


There are 117 women from 26 states who claim that birth control manufacturer Qualitest, Inc., a subsidiary of Irish drugmaker Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., packaged the pills in the wrong order. According to court docs, the pills were "rotated 180 degrees ... reversing the weekly tablet orientation."

Basically, the women allegedly took the placebos at the wrong time, which left them unprotected against pregnancy: 113 became pregnant, and 94 carried their babies to term.

Not that any of them would give their babies back (at least I hope not!), but having kids is expensive, and the moms are seeking millions in damages related to the costs of delivering and raising their children.

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The mispackaging caused the FDA to recall 3.2 million blister packs from eight brands in 2011. However, Endo Pharmaceuticals claims that the recall was entirely voluntary, and "based on an extremely small number of pill packs that were manufactured by an external contract manufacturer."

In addition to that, Endo says that they could only confirm one blister pack with a defect that was sold to a patient. With that information, it looks like these ladies are going to have an uphill battle in court.

Maybe this should be a good lesson to all of us that there's no such thing as completely effective birth control if you're sexually active and of childbearing age.


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