15-Year-Old Survives Suicide Attempt in Front of Classmates

Ugh, a tragic situation took place in a Florida classroom this week, as a student attempted to take his own life in front of his peers. The 15-year-old has not been named, but he reportedly brought a gun to school and shot himself in the head during class.


Thankfully the teen survived and has been responding well, but dang. What could have led him to this? The Citrus County student shot himself in the head during English class on Tuesday morning, according to the Sheriff's office.

"By the grace of God, even though it was a horrific event, only one individual was injured," Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsey said in a conference.

The teen was in "critical but stable" condition, and Dawsey said he was surprisingly "alert and appeared to be cognizant of what was going on around him."

Authorities have already agreed that they believe this kid acted alone, and that it was a cry for help. "I don't foresee any charges coming out of this," said Dawsey. "This is an individual that's in great despair. At the age of 15, I don't understand how you can become this depressed, but it's not uncommon."

I agree. It's not uncommon to feel upset or depressed as you go through adolescence. What is unusual though is wanting to commit suicide. This story makes me hope that this kid gets some help, as well as makes me want to talk to my own kids about their changing emotions as they grow up.

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It's totally normal to feel weird and out of place in your tweens and teens. What's not normal is wanting to end it. This story makes me want to remind my own kids that if they ever feel like they want to take their own lives, it's not real. People love them, and even if they feel like they are at the end, there will be someone there to catch them.

These stories suck, but I'm so glad this kid looks like he's going to live, and I hope that his story inspires others to live.


Image via © Jeffry W. Myers/CORBIS

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