13 Target Stores Are Closing: Is Yours on the List?

Sad news for moms who love Target as much as the rest of us, because the company has announced that these 13 -- 13! -- Target locations will be closing by the end of January 2016


Get your bulk paper towels and dollar spot items while you can! 

I don't know what I would do if my local Target store closed. Probably move. It would be a very sad day. 

The locations that will be no more are: 

  1. Austin North East in Austin, TX
  2. Suncoast Pasco County in Odessa, FL
  3. Casa Grande, AZ
  4. Victorville, CA
  5. East Flint in Flint, MI
  6. Columbus Southwest in Columbus, OH
  7. Springfield, OH
  8. Northridge in Milwaukee, WI 
  9. Superior, WI
  10. New Ulm, MN
  11. Ottumwa, IA
  12. Anderson, IN
  13. Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY

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Hopefully your area has more than one Target location that isn't too far away so you can still go buy throw pillows on a whim. If not, you can always resort to online shopping! Or bribing a friend or relative to send you things! Or you could always just move! That clearly seems like the best option. 


Image via © Christie's Images/Corbis 

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