Flight Attendant Offends Woman by Asking If She’s Pregnant

Doesn't everyone know the number one rule when it comes to assumptions over a woman's uterus? Unless she is physically in the process of having a baby, or she announces herself that she's with child, do not ask her about her pregnancy. One non-pregnant woman was recently offended by a flight attendant who asked how many weeks along she was.


Um, that would be a big fat ZERO, seeing as how she wasn't even knocked up. Grethe Andersen was boarding a flight from Wellington to Auckland in New Zealand with Jetstar when a male flight attendant asked how far into her pregnancy she was.

Not being pregnant, or even looking the slightest bit pregnant, the 24-year-old was understandably upset. "I was stunned and shocked, and said 'I am not pregnant,'" she told Mirror Online. She continued, "As a woman, your confidence goes down quite a bit. It's not a good feeling when you're asked if you're pregnant and you're not."

Personally, I think she handled that rather well. I can't say that I wouldn't feel a little stabby if someone asked me if I were pregnant. I'd probably at least demand free adult beverages for the entire flight -- you know, because I could drink them, not being pregnant and all.

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The craziest thing about this story is that Andersen was asked about her "pregnancy" because the airline has a policy of not letting women over 37 weeks fly. There are very, very few women who don't look like houses by that point of their pregnancies, and this woman is thin, and has virtually no belly. It would be laughable that she was asked if it wasn't so darn insulting.

After complaining about the incident on Facebook, she was offered a $67 voucher, which I suppose is better than nothing. But I still would have preferred an opportunity to slap that guy.


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