Daycare Owner Brutally Attacked Trying to Protect Kids From Drunk Dad

Martha McClure is a hero, after getting the crap beaten out of her while protecting young children in her care. The daycare owner held her own against a drunk dad demanding that his children be handed over to him and his girlfriend. The dad, by the way, had been stripped of his custody rights.


On October 7, Francis Joseph Jackson, 31, barged into Martha's Mini Daycare in Ronan, Montana, and insisted that his three children, all under the age of 4, go home with him. According to reports, Jackson wasn't even allowed to have contact with the children.

After the dad caused a scene inside, McClure instructed her helper to take the children into another room and lock the door, and she asked that Jackson take it outside, and stepped out herself.

After she called 911, they became involved in a physical struggle, and she said that she was holding her own until Jackson's girlfriend, Tashiana Schlensker, hit her in the face with a snow shovel.

"Until the girlfriend got involved I was doing pretty good, I was holding my own," McClure told Yahoo! News. She said that her helper told her that Jackson hit her a second time with his fist, but she didn't remember the blow.

It was no minor injury, either. McClure suffered from a broken orbital socket in her left eye, along with bruising and swelling. She had surgery this past Monday to have a plate inserted to try to correct some of the damage. Even so, she still says it could've been worse, and that she is grateful that he didn't pick up the shovel and strike her with that.

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This woman is my new hero, and I can't even imagine how grateful the mom of those babies must feel. She knew what she was up against, but she didn't even hesitate to protect those babies with everything she had. 

In fact, she feels so close to all of her kids that she returned to the daycare to visit just two days after her surgery, even though she was suffering from headaches and double vision. "We all have our happy place, and this is mine," she explained.

Of the fight, she had this to say about Jackson: "It must be pretty humiliating for him that he had to be saved by a girl from another girl." What an awesome woman.


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