Facebook Will Now Help Block Your Ex From Your Memories

If you're like most people, you probably have a Facebook account. Also like most people, you probably have an ex or two you'd rather forget completely about, or at least a dreary time in your life that you'd like to pretend didn't exist. Until now, Facebook's "On This Day" program forced you to relive those painful memories from years past, but thanks to recent changes, the social media giant is going to help you forget about the nastiness.


Seriously, I logged onto Facebook a few weeks ago, and a picture popped up from several years ago of a former good friend who turned nasty toward me in the aftermath of my divorce. I don't want to think about my marriage crumbling and my friends ditching me! I can't sit here and eat ice cream and drink wine on a workday, you know?

It turns out that a lot of other people had similar sob stories, so Facebook changed its settings so that we can avoid those awkward and uncomfortable memories.

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Users can visit the On This Day page via Facebook on their desktops and adjust two filters to keep only things they want to keep on their stream. You can black out certain dates, or names of people that you don't want brought up. 

Seems like a great solution, and it doesn't involve deleting anything. Let's face it, sometimes we do want to remember those times or those people, but we want to do it at our own pace -- not while we're checking our phones during a lunch break.

Sometimes memories are tough to deal with -- it's about time Facebook gave us an opt-out function for On This Day.


Image via © Nano Calvo/Corbis

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