Horrifying Haunted House Requires a Safe Word for Early Escape (Count Us Out!)

It's that frightful time of year again! Whether your version of being scared silly is to enjoy a horror film or to be told you need to bake three dozen cupcakes for the cakewalk at the Halloween festival -- tomorrow -- most people will spend at least some part of the month of October in a panic. But would you ever go through a haunted house so scary that you had to sign a waiver before entering?


That would be The 17th Door, a haunted house in Tustin, California, so terrifying that all participants must sign a waiver before they go through it. You know, in case they have a heart attack or crap their pants or something.

Visitors to The 17th Door are taken through 17 rooms, where they become part of the downward spiral of Paula's mind. She's the fictional psychopathic college freshman, who "falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture," according to the website. That includes "uncontrollable purging, excessive abuse and bodily harm."

If you can't make it through the 30-minute chamber of terror, the only way out is to yell the safe word "mercy." The haunted house creators Robbie and Heather Luther claim that about 350 people so far have used the safe word to get out early.

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I'm such a lightweight when it comes to things like this, I may or may not have shouted out mercy! at the top of my lungs just going into the website from the comfort and safety of my home office. It looks terrifying.

It's apparently interactive too -- actors will grab you, things may tumble on top of you, and, perhaps most terrifyingly, you may get wet. Wet with what? Wet with what?

Hey, if you're into this sort of thing, more power to you. Go enjoy peeing your pants and shaving years off your life by fright. I'll be over trick-or-treating with the Elsas and Ninja Turtles.


Image via © Brian Sytnyk/Masterfile/Corbis

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