Couple's Engagement Announcement Tells Everyone a Little More Than They Need to Know (PHOTO)

It's either so sweet or totally annoying when couples post sappy engagement announcements on Facebook, depending on where you are in life. But this engagement photo went viral, and not necessarily because everyone was just so gosh dang happy for the soon-to-be man and wife.


Poor Miranda. The newly engaged lady just couldn't wait to share her big news with her circle of friends online. She posted this photo on Facebook, proudly pointing to ring, claiming that it was just a temporary one until she and her new fiancé could pick out the real thing.

Girlfriend was obviously super excited, and posted this along with the photo:

Did you notice anything about the photo though? Go back and check the bottom left corner. That box ... is that? Yeah, yeah it is. It's a pregnancy test. Here's a sample of some of the hilarious comments. I think my favorite is the one obviously from her dad!

Then the poor girl tried to play it off.

And then finally acceptance.

Oyza! Of course in this day and age, it's not really that big of a deal to get pregnant before you get engaged, but just the timing of it, with the pregnancy test box right there, and the temporary ring ... it screams shotgun engagement. 

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I wish them all the best, and hope they're getting married because they're actually in love and not just because they're having a baby together.

For everyone else -- make sure to crop your photos accordingly before posting them to social media. They just might include some damming evidence you don't necessarily feel like sharing with the world.



Image via © Tom Grill/Corbis

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