'Bring Your Bible to School Day' Is a Great Idea for Kids of All Religions

It's Bring Your Bible to School Day! Didn't know such a day existed? It does, and today, October 8, countless kids across the country are doing something that once upon a time wasn't a controversial choice at all -- bringing their Bibles to school.


The event was organized by Christian group Focus on the Family. The organization is a strong advocate for school prayer, so it makes sense that they would encourage parents and kids to bring their Bibles to school.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception out there about what's legal regarding sharing your faith in public schools, so this is such a great opportunity to spread awareness that yes -- it is legal to bring your Bible to school not just today, but every day of the year. 

It is also perfectly fine to pray in class (so long as you're not interrupting classwork, duh), pray before meals, and talk to others about your beliefs. You can even talk about it in class, if it's relevant to the discussion.

So many parents and kids might be fearful of the politically correct police coming in and claiming separation of church and state, but this has nothing to do with that. That means that the school can't teach any one religion as the only true religion, not that students are prohibited from sharing about their own personal devotions.

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And there's no better time than childhood to start sharing your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs with others. Aside from the occasional bully (who should be disciplined accordingly, natch), I think kids are largely nonjudgmental people, and there's not likely going to be anyone waiting to go on the attack for them about sharing their religion.

It's more likely that other kids will share with them how their family participates in religion.

I'm sure there will be critics out there who say this is promoting religion in schools. Nope, this is just encouraging kids to be themselves, peacefully stand up for their rights, and have a voice. Seems pretty downright American to me.


 Image via Kai J/Twitter

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