It's a 'Miracle' This Mom & 23-Week Preemie Survived Surprise Cruise Ship Delivery

preemie baby mom hosptialEmily Morgan was 23 weeks pregnant when she went on a babymoon with her husband Chase and their 3-year-old daughter Chloe. All was fine with the pregnancy, traveling wasn't an issue and her OBGYN gave her the all clear, and so the family went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. What could go wrong? Well, everything. Emily went into labor a day into the cruise, in the middle of the ocean, 14 hours from any kind of hospital.


Let's address the obvious first. A cruise? I am never going on a cruise as long as I live. Too many bad things happen on them. Besides getting ridiculously sea sick, there is risk of some fast-spreading ick, scurvy (because I watch too many pirate shows), and don't we all know the Titanic story inside and out? Icebergs are everywhere. Don't cruise ship bathrooms feel more like porta potties? I'll only go on a ship if Captain Paul Watson asks me to a join the Sea Shepherds to save the whales. Maybe. Okay, never. I would donate to the cause though -- send someone else, give me the Sea Shepherd sweatshirt.

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But for fun? No thanks. No way. Never. A cruise while pregnant? Oh heck no. I had morning, noon, and night sickness and was nauseous most of my pregnancy so I couldn't imagine a baby swimming in my womb while I'm out floating on the sea. Too much floating.

But this is the Morgan family's idea of fun, so on a cruise they went.

There's something my doula always says. It's something like baby is going to come, when baby's gonna come. And so, at 23 weeks pregnant, the Morgan baby was ready to say hello to his family while they were 100 miles from land.

The 23-weeks-pregnant thing is a big deal. Preemies require a lot of care. The birth can be traumatic, and there is a lot of risk. But Emily's contractions started and it was time. They were headed to Puerto Rico to get her to the hospital, but baby was coming and coming fast. And so they sent whatever medical personnel they had on board to help.

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On August 31 at 1:56 a.m. Haiden Morgan was born weighing just 1.5 pounds. Mom had lost a lot of blood. She wanted to see her baby. One doctor told her she miscarried. I'd want to know why this doctor told her that. Who were these doctors? The worst of it is that they banned her from seeing her baby. Banned? How on earth and why? What a preemie needs more than anything is Mama's warm skin and her breastmilk if she was able to make some. You wouldn't be able to keep me from my newborn if this happened to me, but not everyone knows the importance of skin-on-skin contact. That child needed to be with his mother. I cannot imagine how difficult this all was for the family. 

They have set up a Go Fund Me that I feel should be funded by the cruise ship company and the doctors on board. It's a miracle the baby and mother survived because it doesn't seem like they were doing the right thing. Thank goodness he did.

Baby Haiden is now at a hospital in Miami until the end of the year, but he's getting stronger everyday. I wonder if the family will ever go on a cruise again?


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