'Beautiful' Bride Uses Wedding Dress to Try to Resuscitate Dying Man on Beach (PHOTOS)

Guo YuanyuanShe is being called the "most beautiful bride" and it has nothing to do with her wedding dress or hair or makeup -- it's her heart. It was 25-year-old Guo Yuanyuan's wedding day and she was taking photos on the beach in Dalian in China's Liaoning Province. She was in her gorgeous gown, nails done, hair perfected, and smiling for pictures. Down the beach, a man who is believed to be around 60 suffered a heart attack after swimming. Guo ran to the scene to try to help save his life because she is a nurse and knew she had the skills to help. The moments Guo tried saving this man's life were captured on film.


It was reported that Guo's resuscitation efforts lasted for over 20 minutes. She didn't want to give up and she didn't let her wedding dress get in the way. She worked so hard to save this man that her fingernails were torn off. Guo was going to do whatever it took to try to save this man.

Guo thought nothing of stopping her wedding day to save a stranger. She even used part of her gorgeous dress to do so. Guo used the sheer fabric of her wedding gown to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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She is selfless. She is going to make the best partner, the best mother; she is probably the best friend anyone could ever have. On her wedding day, when way too many people are being ultimate divas thinking nothing but of themselves, she thought of someone else. Someone needs to send her on an all-expense-paid honeymoon to the location of her choice. But I know she probably only wishes the man she was trying to save made it. Sadly, he passed away.

Guo Yuanyuan cpr china beach nurse

Guo Yuanyuan

 Guo Yuanyuan cpr bride nurse

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These images are profound. To see this sweet woman, looking like an angel in that magical gown, doing all she could in these tense moments brings tears to my eyes. When she tried on that gown for the first time, she never would have thought she would use it to attempt to save a life. But she did. She tried -- she gave it her all, using her skills as a nurse to help. So beautiful in every way.

Guo's fiancé Liu Chuang expressed how proud he was of her, saying how she ran to help the moment she heard what was happening. He also said that helping others is just part of who she is.

Expressions of gratitude have been pouring in for the bride-to-be, including from the man's family. I know we are all thankful that people like Guo are in this world.


Images via Imaginechina/Splash News

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