Mom Says Her Daughter Was Denied a Pedicure Because She's in a Wheelchair

This is awful! A mom is claiming that a nail salon in Florida denied her teen daughter a pedicure because she's in a wheelchair. Anne Leace said that she was not able to indulge in her traditional pedicure with her 14-year-old daughter Ainsley last month when an employee at Anthony Vince Nail Spa declined to work on the girl.



Leace said it was a devastating experience, as getting mani-pedis is one of the few things they can do together that any other "typical" teen girls would do with their moms. 

Ainsley has cerebral palsy, and is nonverbal, so everyday activities are supposed to be a treat. And just because she doesn't speak doesn't mean that she can't understand what's going on around her. Anyone would feel sad and rejected if he or she was turned away by someone for something outside of his or her control.

The salon manager, T Tang, insisted that he did offer service to the girl -- just not a traditional pedicure. He claims that he offered to do a polish change for Ainsley, as he was concerned about using sharp tools on her because she can't sit still by herself. Because he was just concerned about her safety, y'all.

Leace said that was absolutely not true, and that they were turned away before she could even pick out a polish color. She also claims that her daughter has no problem sitting still on her own, and that she suffers enough as it is with cerebral palsy. She told WPBF 25 News, "Life is hard enough [for her], and to go somewhere for an enjoyable experience and for that to happen to her is awful."

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I agree, and I'm glad she's saying something about it. Feet are feet, whether or not they're used for walking around. It seems like someone might have been uncomfortable being around someone with a severe disability to me.

A good friend of mine has a daughter about the same age who is also nonverbal and unable to walk due to Rett syndrome. Every time she gets to do something special with her is a treat. Taking care of severely handicapped kids is not for the faint of heart, and my heart is sad for this mom and daughter's not being able to indulge because someone discriminated against them.

Thankfully, they were able to go to another salon, where they had no problem fitting Ainsley in. I'm just assuming that they didn't stab her in the toe with those sharp tools. Maybe the people at Anthony Vince Nail Spa should come take some lessons.


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