Death by Selfie Is No Joke

Dude. How many times have you heard that selfies are dangerous? Not only do they distract us, but they often encourage us to take risks we otherwise wouldn't, all in the pursuit of the perfect picture. Well, the science is settled, people, and it's official: You're more likely to die by selfie than by a shark attack.


As it turns out, more people have died via selfie than by shark in 2015. According to E! News, 12 people have kicked the bucket in 2015 from selfie-related accidents, while only eight have died by shark-mauling.

I guess this just proves that this woman who was scared of a gentle manatee maybe wasn't as silly as we thought she was? Maybe she wasn't actually afraid of the marine animal, but the selfie stick? Still doesn't explain why she didn't drop it, but people do funny things sometimes when they're freaking out over their selfie sticks.

Seriously though, this selfie obsession is actually pretty dangerous. Take, for example, this guy that fell off a staircase at the Taj Mahal's Royal Gate trying to take an impressive selfie.

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Look, there's nothing inherently wrong with selfies. It's part of common culture at this point, and why wouldn't you want to document the amazing places you've been, or the things you've done?

But for real, y'all. Be safe about it. If there's a shark warning out at the beach, stay in the shallows. And for the love, please stay off the cliffs, staircases, and other high places when taking selfies. And never, ever take one while driving.


Image via © Thomas Kokta/Masterfile/Corbis

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