Dog Killer Gets Taste of His Own Medicine When Sharp-Shooting Puppy Gets Hold of the Gun

Too often, we here about tragic cases of animal abuse. And every now and then there's an incident like this once, when an animal abuser gets his comeuppance. Take for example, the guy in Florida who got shot by his puppy in self-defense.


Thirty-seven-year-old Jerry Allen Bradford was in the process of killing off his 3-month-old litter of shepherd-mix dogs in Pensacola, Florida, when one of the pups managed to turn the gun on him and shoot.

Bradford said that he had decided to kill off the litter because he hadn't been able to find a home for them. Because apparently it's hard to find homes for puppies or something. Insert eye roll here.

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He was holding the pooch in his arm, with his gun in the other hand, when the dog put his paw on the .38-caliber revolver's trigger and fired. He ended up being shot in the wrist, and his wounds had to be treated at the hospital. Sadly, deputies eventually found three of the doggie's siblings buried in shallow graves at Bradford's property.

We can only imagine that this courageous puppy will get off on self-defense if charged. Which he will of course not be. Mostly because he's a dog. But also because he has been newly conducted into the league of Super Pooches.

Welcome to the club, little guy. You're our hero.


Image via © 2/Life On White/Ocean/Corbis

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