Horrific Details of 2-Year-Old Bella Bond's Murder Emerge in 'Baby Doe' Case

The detail surrounding the death of 2-year-old Bella Bond, the toddler who was found dead in a garbage bag on the shoreline near Boston last June, are almost too gruesome to take in. Her mother, Rachelle Bond, 40, and her boyfriend Michael McCarthy, 35, have both been charged for her death. McCarthy has been charged with murder, and Bond for accessory to murder after the fact.


The "Baby Doe" case gained notoriety over the summer when a forensic artist digitally recreated what he believed the toddler looked like, and the image took the Internet by storm.

There was a break in the case last week, when a reliable source alerted law enforcement to Bond and McCarthy with suspicion about where their little girl actually was. A male friend of Bond's and the friend's sister went to the police with information about the couple, whom he had previously lived with while Bella was in their care.

The unidentified friend claimed that he was walking with Rachelle last Wednesday when she confided that she had stopped using drugs. Pleased to hear about it, he encouraged her that she might get Bella back. He had been led to believe that the child was with the Department of Children and Families. Bella had been in DCF care twice before, in 2012 and 2013, so it likely wasn't hard for people to believe that it had happened again.

That's when the devastating truth came out. According to the friend's statement to the police, Rachelle had an emotional outburst and confessed that her daughter was dead, and she'd been an accomplice after the fact by helping to dispose of her body.

After texting McCarthy (who was in the hospital for an unknown reason at the time) that he knew Bella was Baby Doe, the friend went to the authorities. He informed them that he had moved out of the home they shared because he had become so upset at the way Bella was treated -- she was yelled at, locked in closets for up to an hour at a time while screaming to get out, and spanked.

The sickest part of the story is why McCarthy allegedly killed the tot. He believed she was possessed by demons. After obtaining a search warrant, cops found several books about demons and demonology in the couple's home.

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According to police statements, Bella became particularly unruly around 11:30 p.m., and McCarthy told Bond he would deal with her. She never saw her baby girl alive again. After the screams stopped, she went to check on her, and saw her boyfriend standing over her lifeless body and swollen, gray face ...

"She knew at that moment that her daughter was dead," Assistant District Attorney David Deakin told the court on the couple's arraignment on Monday.

Just in case you're not sick to your stomach enough about this, McCarthy allegedly told Bond at that point, "She was a demon anyway, it was her time to die." Then he threatened to kill Bella's mom if she told anyone, and after wrapping the girl's body in plastic and placing it in the fridge, they went on a bender that lasted several days.

Bond allegedly knew that her boyfriend thought Bella was demonized. Bella's biological father, Joseph Amoroso, had never met her, and came to Boston several weeks ago to try to connect with his daughter. He claimed that Bond confessed Bella's death to him last week, exclaiming, "Our daughter is dead ... The guy that's been living in my house murdered our daughter."

He planned to contact the police, but hadn't before the friend and the friend's sister came forward. Bond's bail is set at $1 million, and McCarthy is being held without bail.

I cannot believe how evil people can be, and how much drugs can twist our thinking, even when it comes to the safety of our own children. Bond was a known addict, and she chose to live with a dangerous, abusive man, and it eventually cost Bella her short little life. If she's really getting clean now, she will have to live with that knowledge forever, and no matter what the circumstances, that's not something I envy another mother.

The only good we could possibly glean from this excruciatingly awful case is that Bella has been spared the horror of a potentially tragic and heartbreaking childhood. Every child deserves to have a mom who loves, cherishes, and protects her.


Image via Justice for Bella Bond/Facebook

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