Police Finally Identify the Body of Unclaimed Toddler in 'Baby Doe' Case

The little girl known as Baby Doe has been identified as Boston toddler Bella Bond, according to the authorities. Rachelle Bond, the girl's mother, and her boyfriend Michael McCarthy have been placed under arrest, and are considered persons of interest in her death.


Bond was just shy of 3 when she disappeared from her Boston home last June. Her body was discovered in a plastic bag by a woman walking her dog on Dear Island on June 25. The cause of death, along with her identity, has remained a mystery until now.

Her body was badly decomposed, but a forensic portrait of her face went viral over the summer on social media, and it's estimated that between 50 and 60 million people saw or shared the picture. 

Pollen samples taken from her clothes led to a break in the case in August, and police were eventually able to issue a warrant to search for her Dorchester home after a reliable tip came in this week.

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo (whose district includes Dear Island) told the press, "The mother and boyfriend are blaming each other for who harmed the child ... I got the impression it was deliberate." The boyfriend is not the child's biological father.

It's probably premature to start speculating on what happened, as the cause of death is still unknown, and the charges against the couple haven't been revealed yet.

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However ... if Bella's mom really didn't have anything to do with her disappearance, why wouldn't she come forward? Over 50 million people saw that image of her sweet little face -- don't you think a mother of a missing child would be frantic to get her back, and scouring every last shred of information that could lead her to discover what happened to her daughter?

Just from the fact that she never reached out to authorities to say that that looked like her toddler, it doesn't look good. Who can say if the death was accidental and she panicked, or if something more sinister happened, but it seems highly unlikely that Rachelle Bond had absolutely nothing to do with her baby's disappearance.


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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