The Facebook 'Dislike' Button Is Finally Happening: 8 Times You'll Definitely Use It

How many times have you run across a Facebook post from someone and wished there was a "dislike" button right next to the "like" one? Well, according to the social media site's cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the dislike button on Facebook is going to be a thing soon.


According to the 31-year-old entrepreneur at a recent Facebook Q&A, they've "finally heard" the people and are they're going to deliver. "People have asked about the dislike button for many years," he confessed. "We're working on this and we will deliver something that meets the needs of the larger community."

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And hopefully sooner rather than later! Because here are eight times you've wished there was a dislike button on Facebook.

1. When a friend of a friend has passed on. Of course you would want to write something personal if someone close to you died, or even if it were someone close to someone you were close to. But what do you do in those awkward scenarios when an acquaintence's distant relative has kicked the bucket at age 98?

2. When a kid lands in the hospital. We are not talking terminal cancer here -- we are talking about a broken arm from falling off a bunk bed, or a sprained ankle after a soccer game. Minor injuries that don't require a full response. No one wants to click the like button when a kid is hurt.

3. Over a post you disagree with. Maybe someone in your social circle just said something offensive to your sensibilities, but you don't have the energy to form a response. Dislike button, here we come.

4. Game requests. Thank God Farmville seems to be mostly over. But seriously, why so many requests, people? Maybe the Facebook dislike button can figure out an algorithm to keep these posts out of your feed once you click it.

5. Random postings on your page. Someone posted on my page about discount sunglasses the other day. Someone I didn't know. Spam sucks. Dislike.

6. When someone is whining. Oh wow, you gained two pounds, or Netflix wouldn't load, or that other thing you're complaining about all the time didn't happen? You should have included a #FirstWorldProblems on the end of that post.

7. Someone breaks up from a jerk. Breaking up is hard to do, but what do you say when someone you care about is in pain from a breakup with a douche canoe? A dislike button seems the perfect fit. You feel bad they're hurting, but so happy it's over you don't trust yourself to comment.

8. For everything else in between. Let's face it -- there a million reasons to click the dislike button. And hopefully soon we'll have the opportunity to do so. 


Image via © Jens Büttner/dpa/Corbis

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