What It Means to Be American ... According to the Rest of the World (VIDEO)

Stereotypes exist. Especially about us loud, boisterous, over-eating, freedom-loving Americans. But what does the rest of the world think about the USA? Cut Video went around the globe to ask non-Americans what they thought about our country as a whole, and the answers were somewhat surprising.


Take a look and find out what other people around the world think of America.

According the rest of the world, we apparently like to eat! One observer from Bangkok said, "When I was in the U.S. for a year, I gained eight kg!" That would be over 17 lbs, for us Westerners. The German woman from Berlin added, "[They] mostly eat fast food and are very patriotic."

A lot of other people also associated patriotism and freedom with the United States, which made this American feel like lighting some fireworks and singing an off-key version of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Just saying.

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Someone in Shanghai said, "If you have a dream [in America], it can come true. That's why the country is idealized." An Ethiopian commented that America is "paradise." She added, "[We] think it's full of gold ... that it's full of resources."

That explains why we're obese, I guess. It's all about the freedom and the french fries! I'm OK with that.

My favorite comment came from New Delhi. When asked what he thought about Americans, this man replied, "They have freedom there ... they have justice there ...they have really good music bands there. And there, a person can do whatever he wants to do. He has no limit, he can reach any height."

Freedom. Justice. Really good music bands. What more could a person want?


Image via Cut Video/YouTube

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