Man Drives Through California Wildfire in Horrific Viral Video (WATCH)

Living in California, it's a toss-up as to whether a person worries more about earthquakes or wildfires. Actually, we usually tend to worry about neither, since they both are such a part of life that we get used to them. That's why this video of a horrific escape from a California wildfire is a scary reminder that we still need to take these disasters seriously.


A northern California man going by the YouTube handle MulletFive documented his escape from a forest fire, which he said reached his rural home quickly and without warning.

The video was posted Sunday and hasn't been independently verified, but I for one can believe it. The man said that he had to drive eight or nine miles to escape the inferno, which had burned more than 61,000 square miles and was only five percent contained by Monday morning, according to Cal Fire.

As to why he didn't evacuate sooner, the man said in the comments section of the viral YouTube video, "We got no phone call, there were no sirens, no ash falling, no smoke, no air support. As far as we knew the fire was still far away."

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"But it turns out it was very close to our home, there was simply not enough firefighters to tend to our area. The lesson: evacuate EARLY! It is hard to do when you live in a rural area and wildfires are just a part of life, you get used to seeing smoke way up in the sky occasionally. I don't think we will make this mistake again!" he said.

How scary!


Image via MulletFive/YouTube

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